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Download 4Matrix


Please use this download to install or update 4Matrix. This includes the latest server and client setup files which can be installed on a network or a standalone computer


  • When installing Setup.msi, you should choose a path that is on the root of a physical drive, e.g. C:\4Matrix or D:\4Matrix. This will minimise file permission issues. The client however, should be installed as normal to the Program Files Folder
  • The 4Matrix client requires the .net 4 framework to run. This is bundled with the client but RM CC3/CC4 schools should install 4 using the package provided by RM
  • You need to download the right version for your SERVER, 32 bit and 64 bit refer to the server only, the client is always 32 bit. If you are not sure which version you need, Click here to find out
  • If you wish to update the client MSI, we recommend downloading the latest Full installer below to update the Network Manager and put the latest client msi on your server. Uninstall the current Network Manager and install the new one in the exact same folder. Run the Network Manager tool and press re-copy files to update your msi. If you are sure you know which folders you need to copy it to, you can download the client MSI directly from here. NOTE: This will not work unless it is placed in the same folder as your settings file.

32 bit Setup 64 bit Setup

Before installing please read the Install Guide

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