Accessing 4Matrix from Outside School

KS4 Share and Compare: Summer 2019 (updated 11th September 2019)

The 6th set of Share and Compare data is now live (issued on 11/09/2019 at 16:00).

The 6th set of Share and Compare data is based on: 499 schools, 86,528 pupils and 768,785 results.

We are excited to confirm that we will be running our Share and Compare (S&C) exercise again for Summer 2019.

Please use this link to view the 2-page pdf that was issued to all schools via email in July.

This year, we will be expanding the data that we collect to include subject grades as well as anonymised pupil-level data and the key performance indicators for each school. The Share and Compare service will be exclusive to 4Matrix customers and best of all, it’s free!

To encourage more schools to take part in this exercise, we will only share the results from Share and Compare with schools that have submitted data to us. It is now an 'opt-in' service. If all 4Matrix schools were to get involved, this would equate to almost 40% of schools across England and provide far greater accuracy and confidence. We will do this by collecting the 4Matrix School ID as part of the data-upload process, which will then be validated as a user goes to ‘download’ the data again.

Please refer to the Terms section at the bottom of this page for more details on the results embargo which is 9.30am on Thursday 22nd August. The Share and Compare tool in 4Matrix will not allow schools to upload their data to us prior to this time.

Please use the tabs below to find out more about the Share and Compare data collaboration exercise.

What will the S&C data allow us to do? Subject Progress – The Subject Comparative Difference Data Validation and Accuracy How to get involved How does it work? GDPR Information Where is the data stored? What happens to the data once S&C has finished? List of data fields to be included in S&C Terms and Conditions