Prior to using 4Matrix I would have had to spend hours number crunching, only to produce complicated tables of analysis that only those with a background in mathematics could understand and put to good use. The 4Matrix toolbox is so simple to use. I have described it as being "idiot proof". All of our Curriculum Team Leaders have found the package easy to use, and have therefore began to really evaluate and review their performance with confidence. Consequently, SMT use the package to set team targets with team leaders, who then use this information to set individual teacher's targets.
Our aim to reduce 'within school variation' has been greatly enhanced with 4Matrix. It has allowed Senior/Middle Leaders and their teams to get beneath the headline A*-C figures and ascertain who has really added value to their subject areas/teaching groups/students. It has raised the pertinent questions and stimulated appropriate dialogue that never before took place comprehensively, with respect to the college as a whole. And the icing on the cake is that the data is there at our fingertips from GCSE results day, hence allowing our target review and setting cycle to start earlier

Assistant Principal, Coombeshead College, Devon