4Matrix Fusion: Trust Dashboard

4Matrix Fusion is a new web-based performance data solution specifically designed for Multi-Academy Trusts. It uses the power of 4Matrix to provide top-level analysis of school performance data to support the reporting of Performance Indicators for MATs.

  • + Web-based multi-school analysis solution
  • + Investigate Trust and school-level performance at KS4
  • + Advanced filtering for drilling down to subject and group-level
  • + Interactive charts and tables

Fusion requires each school in the group to have a 4Matrix Desktop licence in order to access the Fusion data upload feature.

4Matrix Fusion is currently in BETA with over 40 Trusts and is free to try. If 2 or more of the schools in your Trust already use 4Matrix Desktop and you wish to try Fusion, please complete the form below and we will aim to get you setup within 2 working days.

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