In-Built Videos

4Matrix contains over 2 hours of in-built tutorial videos and we'll be adding to these over time. They are available in the Subject Profile, Progress 8, KPI Summary tools, and more, via the small video icon which can be found next to the name of the tool:

Webinar Recordings

You can find recordings of all our latest webinars at

Online Videos: Importing and Managing Data Extended Tutorials

Update released in March 2021 included a revised, enhanced import wizard. We have a dedicated page for videos and mini-guides to accompany these changes at

Online Videos: Analysis Tools Extended Tutorials

The videos below provide an in-depth look at a selection of 4Matrix Desktop analysis tools. They are interactive in that users can activate a table of contents, subtitles, use buttons in the videos to jump forwards and backwards to specific points on the timeline, and open web-links. These videos are also accessible from within 4Matrix via the small video icons, but often they are split into multiple parts and they're not interactive. Additional videos will be added in due course.

Transition Matrices

An in-depth look at the new TM functionality

Transition Matrices

Pupil Filter Control

The new Pupil Filter control

Pupil Filter

Online Videos: Guest Videos

Our 'Guest' videos from 2019 were produced in association with selected users. The purpose of these videos is to provide an introduction to certain areas of 4Matrix from the perspective of a 4Matrix school. We hope you find them useful!

Key Stage 5

An introduction to the KS5 features

Key Stage 5 Features

Results Day 2019: Senior Leaders

Go-to tools for SLT

Results Day 2019

Results Day 2019: Subject Leaders

Go-to tools for Subject Leaders

Results Day 2019